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  • So here's the deal...

    I am a Detroit-bred creative thinker who loves using my talents for envisioning and facilitation in conjunction with years of coaching and design-thinking experience. As a personal growth innovator & visionary, I empower individuals and communities to solve problems related to growth, attitude, perception and humanitarianism. I started Expånd as a part of my personal mission to enhance the way people enjoy, experience and understand themselves and the world around them. And I'm ready to start WITH YOU!


    Expånd specializes in personal growth innovation in the form of design-centered consultation and experiences for young adults. The mission of Expånd is to enliven the process of self discovery and development for young adults worldwide.



    "Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself." The truth of this philosophy is evidenced by the abundance of personal life coaches, personal growth forums and professional development opportunities in the world today helping countless adults grow and build their businesses and improve their lives. If it is true that we create the lives we want, then at what point does one begin the process?


    Adolescence is a critical time period in a person’s life. Within this tiny section of our lives, humans experience a great deal of biological, cognitive, emotional, social and psychological development. This is the crucial stage in personal growth where individuals begin to construct who they are and how they appear to the outside world. Young adulthood is usually a time of great seeking: Seeking for identity, seeking for independence, seeking for responsibility and seeking for new experiences. But seeking is only half of the approach and unfortunately, many teens search things out in the wrong places: their surroundings, peers, sex, drugs, school achievement, media, etc. Even more unfortunate is that most teens aren’t given the best tools to even approach the very difficult job of self-discovery! To truly gain identity, independence, responsibility and new experiences, young adults must CREATE them and that’s where Expånd comes in. Through inspiration, motivation and guidance Expånd gives young adults the tools and skills they need to create their own identity and build a life that supports their dreams.



    Expånd offers individuals and student groups entertaining, high-quality consultation and experiences geared towards increasing personal growth aptitude. By applying design thinking principles to self-empowerment and life coaching practices, Expånd brings a proactively fresh approach to the personal growth journey that all young people are embarking on.


    We've all heard the saying ",life is a journey, not a destination."  But what does it truly mean to be on a journey? And how can one be sure if they're going in the right direction if there is no destination? Don't you wish life just came with a compass? But wait, it does; and it's buried inside of you! 


    Expånd uses an individualized approach to help you uncover your inner compass; guiding you in the direction of your ideal life and dreams.


    Here's what we help you to do:

    1. Strengthen your beliefs. (It's hard to have a successful life journey with self doubt in the way.) 

    2. Identify your destiny. (Your journey does ends somewhere. Do you know where?)

    3. Clarify your vision. (This is your ideal way to journey through life.)

    4. Discover your purpose. (This is the center point of your compass.)

    5. Create a plan. (This is where we build the cardinal points of your compass.)

    6. Pack your toolkit. (For when the journey gets rocky.)


    Young professionals (20-30) seeking career/life guidance and fulfillment.


    Educational systems, youth programs, non-profits, schools and

    parents seeking to enhance the well-being and success of young adults ages (13-18).



    Got questions?

    Email expandingfully@gmail.com or type a message below.